"My mother and father in law have been members for several years, and often speak of the amazing support your organization provides to the families in our area. My husband and I were recently on the receiving end of this unbelievable kindness. Your charity gifted our family with a donation after leaning of the kidney illness and kidney loss of our 4-year-old son, Liam McGlone. We would love to join to help pay it forward, and spread the word about your wonderful charity."

"I have recently learned about the Friends for Friends organization through Jim Burner. I have a personal passion for assisting those in need. Also, I have a commitment to recognize that need in those who are often closest to us; who are often overseen in the course of daily life.

"In November 2018 my husband was diagnosed with acute myeloid Leukemia. This diagnosis comes exactly one year after his fight with brain cancer...

"Great organization that does remarkable things for local people in need ! Sign up for membership and join the fun."

"Thank you so much for the generous donation gift for our family for Lexi...

We are so grateful for your support. Lexi may only be almost 3, but she's one of the strongest people I know and she will beat this. Thanks for making our journey a little easier."

"You helped a good friend with medical expenses. Thank you very much for your generosity."

"I was blown away when Jared came home with such a generous check from your Foundation. Our dream of becoming parents is slowly turning to reality and we are so grateful for yours (and everyone else's) generosity...

"The funding which you provided to me was an essential element in keeping my husband hoem during the last holiday season of his life..."

"Friends for Friends is a great group of people doing great work in the community! I am so proud to be a member."

"I received your donation a few weeks ago and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw your donation.  I was overwhelmed at the amount and your kindess to a stranger.  As you know, all the money in the world would never be enough to erase our situation, and I wish it were different, but I want to express our sincerest thank you on behalf of myself, my daughter and stepson.  

"A special organization enhancing and caring for its community of Friends..."

"My name is Karen Maholick and I am writing to you with a grateful heart on behalf of my entire family. My husband, Mark Maholick, was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer a little over a year ago. We are blessed to know Debbie Taraschi and her wonderful family, who nominated us for your financial support during this most challenging time...

"Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your generous donation for this little fighter! Baby Dean and his mom, are beyond grateful and humbled by your kindness! Such an amazing foundation!"

"I heard about Friends for Friends almost ten years ago, when my best friend’s husband, Frank “Dutch” Culbertson, was diagnosed suddenly and unexpectedly with a rare form of cancer, a disease that took his life way too soon.

"First and foremost I want to thank you for the help FfF gave to Tyler. Tyler and his family were presented the check earlier today. I was not there but my friend Diane Coughlan , a recent FfF member visited the family and gave them the check and FfF literature.

"Thank you Friends of Friends for your donation to Larry Lowery's family. Your very generous donation is very appreciated. Larry left 3 children under the age of 4 1/2. His mother Barbara at the young age of 62 is raising the children. When I phoned her yesterday about your donation she cried. Happy tears and said thank you a million times. I know she will thank you herself but wanted you to know your donation is a wonderful gift to a beautiful family.

"One of the best organizations out there....it's all about helping others."

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