About FfF

FRIENDS for FRIENDS® is a community dedicated to extend itself to others who may be suffering extraordinary circumstances on their life’s journey. Our overriding philosophy is the realization that the community becomes stronger as we help one another. Therefore, your efforts are best described by our name FRIENDS for FRIENDS.

FRIENDS for FRIENDS® was created as a memorial to a beneficiary of exactly this type of aid. Alfred Patrone left his FRIENDS with the challenge of making his idea a lasting reality since he had been impacted by the overwhelming concern and generosity of others during his time of greatest need.

While we know that the monetary assistance we offer may not alleviate the burden of crisis, we are assured that the sense of well-being that is promoted is beyond financial measure. So we commit ourselves to work in concert on behalf of our FRIENDS.

FRIENDS for FRIENDS® organized in September of 1996 inspired by the memory of a courageous FRIEND – Alfred Patrone. Fund raising activities are focused on establishing a community through an annual membership drive. A fifty dollar contribution provides a member with an incredible gift – the ability to help others. Membership enables one to nominate family, friend or mere acquaintance to benefit from the group’s generosity. Nominations are reviewed by the board, with special effort given to help as many nominees as possible. To enhance our capabilities, other events (golf outing, family picnic, skate around, etc.) are scheduled throughout the year. These events are designed to bring together those who share a common ideal and are committed to putting it into action.