"I have recently learned about the Friends for Friends organization through Jim Burner. I have a personal passion for assisting those in need. Also, I have a commitment to recognize that need in those who are often closest to us; who are often overseen in the course of daily life.

While advocating for those abroad, sometimes the needs of those nearby become unrecognized. Sometimes, a 'friend in need' is someone we see in everyday life - a neighbor, a colleague, a teammate, etc, who we know, but don’t know well enough to have learned their struggle and to have been able to help offset their struggle. They stand before us nearly invisible in plain sight but their struggle is shadowed by a weak smile or a tear that silently falls. They have a heart that is bursting from sorrow or fear instead of vibrantly beating with joy. I want to be part of an organization that commits to sharing in the opportunity to help our 'friend', whoever it is."