"I received your donation a few weeks ago and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw your donation.  I was overwhelmed at the amount and your kindess to a stranger.  As you know, all the money in the world would never be enough to erase our situation, and I wish it were different, but I want to express our sincerest thank you on behalf of myself, my daughter and stepson.  

In late March, my 6 year old stepson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, on top of everything we were dealing with.  At that moment, I decided to book a Disney Cruise for our family because we need a break, we need some smiles and some fun.  Never really knowing how I would pay for it on top of everything else, I reminded myself that life is short and we've endured more this year than any family should.  We are going in November, and your donation is going to ensure we have the best time ever.  

Life has been unbearable at times, but we are making it through.  I appreciate the extremely generous donation you have provided and love everything that your organization stands for.  I hope by sharing my story and how we have persevered, that I can impact others as well. 

Your true kindness and generosity has helped our family greatly:  I have medical bills from all of my cancer treatments and keeping a house running as a single parent is difficult.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for spreading some love and light into our family and I want you to know the significant impact your gesture has had.  

Thank you kindly for helping our family, you have truly made a difference.  My husband would have been greatly touched by this donation as well, we think of him every moment of every day, with love."