Joe S.

"First and foremost I want to thank you for the help FfF gave to Tyler. Tyler and his family were presented the check earlier today. I was not there but my friend Diane Coughlan , a recent FfF member visited the family and gave them the check and FfF literature. I want to share the text message that Diane sent me after she left their house. "OMG Joe, their faces were amazing, they were thrilled and so very grateful, thank you, Tyler started his first of 30 radiation treatments today, buys them time, still need to find a clinical trial. Your friends did not waste any time and that is so amazing. It was like a sigh of relief on Candy's (Tyler's mom) face, she cried, we both did. On a personal note to all of you guys running this great organization. I am glad to be a small part in all of this and so much appreciate all that you board members do. It's really nice to help and give back."