Trivia Night 2013 - A note from Bob Carroll

March 2, 2013
Friends for Friends - Trivia Night 2013

I would like to thank everyone who attended our Friends for Friends Trivia Night.  Due to your efforts and generosity together we were able to raise $10,000. I would especially like to thank all the volunteers who helped setup, cleaned up and worked the night of the event.

With the funds raised Friends for Friends were able to help two nominations.

The first nomination is a young girl four years old who is diagnosed with a rare childhood bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma.

The second nomination went to a mother of two boys who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer which now has metastasized into her liver and colon.

To help pay for some medial expense, travel costs, and general living expense, FfF donated $1,500 to each of these families.

Friends for Friends Charity Origination is able to help these two families because of people like you. Without your help, FfF would have never been able to reach out and touch these and many families that FfF has donated in the past. Our goal this 2013 is 100% Friends for Friends membership. Also, we are asking for your help to increase our membership. One way you can do this is by passing on this email and web site to your friends, family or neighbors.

Save the Date, April 26, 2013 will be our 17th Annual Golf Outing.

So dust off the clubs and start getting your foursome together. Please join us at Paxon Hollow Golf Club for a great day of golf that helps finance the donation we make in your name to those in need. Stay tuned to more information to follow soon!

Thanks again for being a member and making a difference.

Bob Carroll

President of FfF

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