Thanks for your faithful generosity

August 26, 2013

Thanks to the faithful generosity of our ever-expanding Friends for Friends family, these last several months your FfF executive team has been able to put the funds raised from our regular events and the income from our 2013 membership dues to excellent use. We have been able to help several families in crisis in our area.

The recent FfF events include our trivia night last February, the golf outing last April, the Phillies outing last May.

In the last five months, your Friends for Friends organization has donated over $14,000 to help our neighbors in need. The events that triggered these donations are unsettling when you consider the swiftness and randomness in which they occurred:

  • A man riding his bike was struck by a falling tree and was left paralyzed by the accident. The money donated to this family has helped with some of the necessary home remodeling expenses they have incurred.
  • A man was sidelined from his job due to a debilitating hip injury. FfF provided some funds while he recuperated from surgery.
  • A local charity that tends to the needs of our area homeless was in a financial pinch, and FfF made a donation that was used to purchase food and other needed supplies.
  • A young man with muscular dystrophy was left homebound because his van was in need of repairs. FfF donated the money to get the man and the van back on the road.

FfF helped cover a portion of the funeral expenses for a man who had been out of work for an extended period time and who left behind a wife and three children.

FfF made a donation to a young father who is juggling two jobs while he cares for his two-year-old son who is battling Leukemia.

And lastly, your FfF organization made a donation to man who has spent his entire adult life caring for his son with Down Syndrome, and the man was recently diagnosed with two brain tumors.

While we ask you to keep these families in your daily thoughts and prayers, please know your continued financial generosity allows Friends for Friends, on your behalf, to provide a measure of comfort to our neighbors who find themselves under tremendous stress and pressure.

Nearly all of the donation recipients tell us that our gift reminds them they are not alone in this darkest of moments.     

So as we close the books on our 17th year in operation, I offer on behalf of your Friends for Friends executive team, our heartfelt thanks for your continued support.

In the coming weeks we will contact you about our membership drive (annual dues will remain at $50.00) and our event plans for 2014 (keep Feb. 22nd open for another great Trivia Night social!).

Take care for now and I wish you an abundance of good health and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Thank you for being a member and making a difference.


Bob Carroll
President of FfF