Thank you! From the Maholick Family

Friends for Friends
October 10, 2017

With Karen Maholick’s permission, we share with you her own words of thanks... Please take a moment to read her personal expression of gratitude.

To the entire Friends for Friends Family:

My name is Karen Maholick and I am writing to you with a grateful heart on behalf of my entire family. My husband, Mark Maholick, was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer a little over a year ago. We are blessed to know Debbie Taraschi and her wonderful family, who nominated us for your financial support during this most challenging time. 

I am writing to you to express our deepest gratitude for your financial assistance. To say we were completely overwhelmed by your help is an understatement. A little over a year ago my husband and I were thrown into this unknown world, trying to make sense of it all for ourselves and our 3 elementary aged children. Through it all, we have tried to "find the good", and you are one of them! My husband and I are both currently on leave from work, so we are, once again, finding ourselves in unknown territory that increases the daily worries of providing for a family while simultaneously fighting this horrible disease. So, we thank you for taking some of those worries away, so that we are able to concentrate on getting my husband stronger, our children maintaining their routines, and our family smiling.  

I was reading over your mission statement and this phrase struck me, "the community becomes stronger as we help one another." Through all of our challenges we have been blessed to come across incredible people like yourselves that have the objective of simply helping. Your kindness will live on in each one of our children and through myself and my husband. The work you are doing and assistance you are providing is nothing short of a miracle and our little family will be forever grateful. 

Please continue to remember us in your thoughts and prayers. We look for daily strength to continue this fight. Thank you over and over again for your kindness and HUGE heart. 

Much love,

The Maholick Family ❤ Mark, Karen, Jack (10), Kathryn (7), and Claire (7)

This letter from Karen Maholick, a loving mother of three young children and a devoted wife who is tending to her husband while he battles Stage IV colon cancer, provides infinitely more context to the emotional, physical and financial turmoil that her family has had thrust upon them, and the knee-buckling gratitude they have experienced thanks to Friends for Friends.

The Friends for Friends executive team thanks you for your unwavering generous support of FfF, and to ask you to please extend an invitation to your friends and family to join our special group... The more money we bring in through membership registration and event participation, the more neighbors in need we can help.

As always, thank you for being a member and for making a difference.