Our 2017 Copter Drop Sponsor

April 28, 2017
Friends for Friends Golf Outing 2017

As our spots for the 21st Annual Golf Outing fill up, FfF wants to take this time to thank McGlone's Stanley Kup Inn for sponsoring the Copter Drop.

McGlone's Stanley Kup Inn offers a friendly atmosphere to all its patrons in Springfield, PA. With beers on tap and a fully stocked kitchen, this pub hosts everything from birthday parties to weekly karaoke. McGlone's Stanley Kup Inn is proud to support Friends for Friends and our Copter Drop raffle this year.

Join the Copter Drop

If you can’t be with us on Friday, April 28th at the Paxon Hollow Country Club, you can still be an important part of the day by purchasing a golf ball for the exciting Copter Drop raffle. At only $20 per ball, you have the chance to win while making a difference for our neighbors in need.

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Thank you for being a member and making a difference.