A Letter to All Members

"Thank You" banner with bright colors
November 6, 2019

Your Friends for Friends executive board takes great pride in quickly turning your financial support into generous donations, and the people on the receiving end are always very grateful for our help.

Please take a moment to read and share a letter of gratitude from one of our neighbors in need that captures the positive impact that FfF has in our extended community.

To the members of Friends for Friends,

In November 2018 my husband was diagnosed with acute myeloid Leukemia. This diagnosis comes exactly one year after his fight with brain cancer. This past year has been a whirlwind of being in and out of the hospital with month long stays at a time. There has been 5 failed chemo regimens and failed immunotherapy trail during this time. He is currently admitted in the hospital to receive a bone marrow transplant which is our last and only hope. With four young kids at home and a business to run, most of the time life seems impossible.

We recently received your donation when we were referred by member, Owen Quingley. The Kindness of Owen and this wonderful origination that has donated to our family has touched our hearts greatly. We are overwhelmed with the gratitude for people we have not ever met. I do believe in hard times, God comes to us through people. And without the constant support of family, friends, and community, I’m not sure we would be making it through. We thank you for your support and from the bottom of our hearts.


Jason and Tracey Stalnecker

Thank you for being a member and making a difference.