Helping More Friends in Need

February 23, 2017

Your Friends for Friends Executive Board met last week and donated a total of $10,000 to five families who are all dealing with the harsh financial realities brought on by illness and death. 

Because of the increase in our membership, along with the extra generous spirit of some FfF members, we were able to blunt some of the unrelenting pain of these five families. 

Three of the donations went to families that suffered the unspeakable tragedy of losing their young mother’s to the scourge of cancer; and the other two donations went to men who have been hospitalized and unable to work.

While the names and hardships change in each FfF email you receive, all of the approved donations are tangible proof of your continued generosity and they provide emotional and financial balance, however brief, to our neighbors in crisis.   

On a brighter note, I am happy to tell you that our recent New Member Social was a great deal of fun and considered a success by all who attended; especially the 35 good people who joined our FfF family.

Thank you for being a members and making a difference.