FfF KUPter Drop '14

helicopter golf ball drop
April 25, 2014

For just one twenty dollar bill, you can purchase a numbered FfF golf ball for the 2014 Coper Drop. A helicopter will hover over the 18th fairway and drop lots and lots of golf balls. If you don't win, know that the people - the friends - FfF supports will.

The owner of the numbered ball closest to the pin will receive the grand prize of $1,500.00, and the second and third closest will each be awarded $250.00.

The 2014 Helicopter Golf Ball Drop Sponsor:

The Stanley KUP Inn and Bill McGlone

Bill McGlone is the proud sponsor of the 2014 Helicopter Golf Ball drop for FfF. In addition to prominent signage on the course Friday, YOU get to drop the golf balls out of the helicopter! We've sheepishly renamed it the KUPter Drop.

FfF has done it again.

The entire scheme sounds silly and ridiculous, right!? We agree and can't wait to do it. What better way to spend the end of a great, yet challenging, day of golf than to take all the skill out of the last shot, take a chance at a great prize and donate to an even better cause! I personally can't wait to watch Bill McGlone hang out the side of the helicopter and drop the winning golf balls.

If you would like to sponsor the helicopter drop in 2015, please email Bob Carroll or call 610-212-8293.