The Copter Drop is Back!

April 24, 2015
Copter Drop

The 2015 golf outing is scheduled for Friday, April 24th at Paxon Hollow Golf Club. In addition to a great day of golf, the Copter Drop is back.

After our round of golf, a helicopter will hover over the 18th green and drop numbered FfF golf balls (purchased by our always-generous members for $20.00 each!) and the owner of the golf ball closest to the pin/cup will win the Grand Prize of $1,500.

The owners of the golf balls that are the second and third closest to the pin/cup will each receive $250.00.

Purchase Your FfF Copter Drop '15 Golf Balls Today »

Balls can be purchased by check or through PayPal (include your email and phone number when using PayPal and your ball number will be forwarded to you).

Have Your Company Sponsor the '15 Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

In addition to prominent signage all over the course Friday, YOU get to drop the golf balls out of the helicopter!

If you would like to sponsor the helicopter drop, please email Bob Carroll. Or call: 610-212-8293.