2016 Holiday Nominations

December 21, 2016

Your Friends for Friends (FfF) Executive Board met recently and approved three nominations to assist area families with the challenging financial realities that hang over them from dealing with medical issues, and in some cases, mourning the loss of a loved one.

Donations of $2,500.00 went to each of these families.

In addition, at this time of the year we like to lend a helping hand to Santa Claus, so we were able to send four young families in our area each $1,000.00 to make sure their children had some of the items on their Christmas list under the tree on Christmas morning.  

And we will once again be keeping our annual dues at $50.00. Your executive committee would like to thank the people who have already sent in their dues for the 2017, and to remind those who haven’t yet, to please do so at your earliest convenience by visiting our membership page and paying with PayPal or sending in a check. 

Please note that our ability to continue to serve more families in our area every year is directly related to our expanding membership... Please continue to talk up the good work of Friends for Friends and bring more people into our organization that is dedicated to helping our neighbors in need.

2017 Trivia Night is back!

Please block out Saturday, March 4th on your social calendar to join us at our annual Trivia Night at Cardinal O’Hara... More information for follow.

Thank you for your continued generosity these many months, and for the last 21 years, and to wish you and everyone you love an abundance of good health, happiness and prosperity in 2017.