2015 Friends for Friends March Madness

March 7, 2015
March Madness pool

Today March 17 is the last day to sign up for FfF March Madness.

Thank you to all for your participation in the Friends for Friends March Madness program in the past couple of years.  

Not only have we had fun with the promotion, but our fun has contributed over $3,700 to the Friends for Friends general fund to provide assistance to worthy recipients in their time of need, fulfilling the purpose and mission of this great organization.

If you are planning on attending our Trivia Night on March 14th, you can bring the attached entry form and your $20 contribution (payable to Friends for Friends).  There will be a sign-up table at the Trivia Night event.

If you are not able to join us on March 14th, your participation in our 2015 March Madness Pool is certainly appreciated.  Please complete the attached form, follow the instructions and send in your confirmation and contribution as soon as you can. I will acknowledge your entry and get back to you with the details on how to participate.  It is very easy, you don't have to be a college hoops expert and I guarantee fun and a worthwhile contribution to a great cause.

Lastly, our March Madness pool is not limited just to members of Friends for Friends, so feel free to share participation with family, co-workers and "Friends". 

I thank you in advance for your participation and don't hesitate to email Jim Farrell with any questions at jpfarrell23@gmail.com